Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN)
Travel and Ground Transport

(Seoul, Republic Of Korea)

Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN) offers travellers a wide range of ground transportation options to suit every passengers' needs.

Serving Seoul and the surrounding area, transportation facilities at Incheon Airport include everything from buses and car hire, to luxury limousines taxis and even ferry services.


Incheon is served by many regular public and privately operated buses, travelling from the terminal buildings to all the major areas and hotels in central Seoul. These buses also connect various additional nearby areas and attractions, including Gimpo Airport, Seoul City Hall and the National University. Buses run daily at regular intervals and are an inexpensive mode of transport, favoured by travellers on a budget.


Ferries are available at Incheon and provide a particularly scenic way to travel into Seoul. The airport's ferry terminal is Yeongjong-do and is located on the island itself. There are regular shuttle buses that connect the nearby ferry pier.

Taxi Cabs

Taxis are readily available and provide a convenient and easy way to travel into and around the Seoul National Capital Area. The journey from Incheon Airport into central Seoul will take around 50 minutes, depending on traffic. Official ICN taxi cabs should be used at all times to ensure safety and also to avoid the possibility of being overcharged.

The taxi meters start at a basic fare, but additional charges are usually made for luggage, late-night driving, expressway tolls and travel on public South Korean holidays, so it can prove useful to ask the cab driver about these before leaving. Some taxis are happy to accept credit cards and large taxis, carrying up to nine people, are also often easy to come by.

Seoul Airport ICN

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